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Spengler Cup

The Spengler Cup is the most important and the mosttraditional ice hockey tournament worldwide. Clubs fromdifferent nations are invited byHC Davos, the host of the event, whichtakesplace between December 26th and 31st in the Vaillant Arena, Davos. The teams are divided up in two groups,three teams each, and competefor their positioning in the knock-out round. After semi final and final the annual winner is determined. Over 70'000 visitors are following the Spengler Cup each year.

> The worldwide most significant and traditional
hockey tournament

> Date: annually from 26 to 31 December

> Teams: HC Davos I Team Canada as well as
4 European top teams

> Live TV broadcasting of all 11 games in
Switzerland,throughout Europe and Canada

> 88th edition 2014

> 70000 spectators in the stadium